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New treatments

Photizo Light Therapy

A non invasive treatment for numerous acute and chronic conditions. For example bites, stings, wounds, deep tissue bruising, inflammations, musculoskeletal injuries and more.

Your horse will experience accelerated healing and faster recovery after injury, without complications such as excess scar tissue or side effects. 

I am now fully trained in the use of the Photizo Light Therapy Device and would welcome enquiries.

Fascial Edge Tool

A highly effective tool in quickly releasing restrictive fibrosed tissue, particularly fascia the tool is ergonomically shaped to sit comfortably in the therapists's hand. It's shape concentrates the pressure to provide a smooth, even massage, and helps restore normal circulation to the tissues.

" My horse has had the pleasure of Laura’s treatments over the past two years, from initial Vet diagnosis and referral, through healing support to maintenance and recovery. Tom hasn’t always been a willing patient but Laura has built a healthy mutual relationship with Tom which Laura’s treatment has grown in depth of treatment and also Tom's appreciation. Toms most recent treatment included Laura’s use of the ‘fascial edge tool’

WOW, is all we can say. Tom completely relaxed into the session, yawning, licking, chewing, low head and to be honest almost falling asleep which was totally amazing. Laura’s treatment just has to be seen to be believed. "

Mrs T, Worcestershire

Kinesiology Taping


The five major physiological systems that are affected by the application of tape are :

Skin - Fascia - Lymphatic and Circulatory System - Muscles  - Joints 


How does applying tape help my horse ? 

Offers pain relief, support to muscles, ligaments, tendon and joint function,  improving  muscle function and can be a useful tool in determining source of pain by activating and de activating muscle groups. Can also help to reduce areas of swelling. Useful in the rehabilitation from injury and surgery. 

Examples of Kinesiology Taping