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" happy horse owner!"

Rocky (Rockefeller)

Mrs M, Worcestershire

Laura has been to work on my horse several times and taken a big interest in his recent successes. He started off with tightness in his hamstrings and neck area due to being ridden at Inter 1, passage & pirouettes. She has been very helpful and massaged him before important competitions which his rider has found made a big difference.


He has now done Hartpury International and has qualified for the Nationals at P&G and Inter 1! Yeah! One happy horse owner.



Mrs L, Shropshire


After a number of regular massage treatments Thunder is performing really well. I am very pleased with the treatments. 

Fuzz (Killers Fury)

Miss M, Shropshire


After the treatments received my horse definitely appears to be more willing to work in an outline - and he seems generally more relaxed in himself (spooking less, calmer). Due to my horse being calmer I would say our bond has improved in a way that is noticeable. Amazingly, Fuzz's coat looks incredible. It is full of shine - and looks fab!

Before getting these treatments Fuzz could get funny about his hind feet being picked up (in general, and by the farrier), however, after a few sessions he became more at ease, comfy, less stiff, which has made things a lot better.  After working with Moorfield Equine Massage personnel, Laura Sloan, I would definitely recommend it. She has worked wonders with my horse.


Mrs M, Worcestershire


Laura found some loss of muscle above the left shoulder blade, causing me to sit to my left. The saddle was coming across onto his spine.

She has released the tightness in his back, and he is much improved. I feel straight, he doesn’t push, and through his shoulder now and is able to carry himself in a much better way of going.

He is much calmer to handle and enjoys his massages.

I would recommend sports massage, especially on a new horse, as you find out so much about them and how to work them through stretches etc.




Mrs T, Worcestershire


Tom has had the pleasure of Laura’s treatments over the past two years, from initial Vet diagnosis and referral, through healing support to maintenance and recovery. Tom hasn’t always been a willing patient but Laura has built a healthy mutual relationship with Tom which Laura’s treatment has grown in depth of treatment and also Toms appreciation. Toms most recent treatment included Laura’s use of the ‘fascial edge tool’


WOW, is all we can say. Tom completely relaxed into the session, yawning, licking, chewing, low head and to be honest almost falling asleep which was totally amazing. Laura’s treatment just has to be seen to be believed. Laura and her ‘magic hands’ have kept Tom comfortable and we have been able to progress hugely with his rehabilitation. Tom has had a spinal injury, muscle atrophy, coffin joint issues, bone spavin and hay fever all of which have been treated by our vet and definitely complimented by Laura and her professionalism. Thank you Laura for all that you’ve done and continue to do. 




Mrs T, Worcestershire


Thank you so much for coming and sorting Rosie's back as expertly as you did.  When I watched her reaction to your massage, she was practically rolling her eyes in ecstasy!
She has been so much healthier and easier to handle, both riding and grooming.  Time well spent!  I will certainly be calling you again if she has further problems and happily recommend you to friends.