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When not to massage (contra-indications)

There are times when it may not be appropriate to massage your horse or pony 

Please check this list of symptoms and declare any that may be relevant.


Extreme exhaustion


New injuries (not yet seen by Vet)

Cancer or Cushings disease.

Strangles, tetanus or pneumonia

Skin conditions for example:  ringworm, lice, mange, boils, or an allergic reaction

Colic attack


Viral disease eg Equine Influenza


BUT if your horse has the following symptoms, the massage can be adapted:


• Identified injury 

• Unhealed wounds

• Areas of inflammation 

• Unrecognisable lumps

• Tumours, cysts, sarcoids,

• Hernia

• Bacterial infections

• Inflamed arthritic joints



This is not an exhaustive list and, if any doubt, consult a veterinary. If you, as an owner, are aware or suspect your horse is suffering from any of the above symptoms it is important that you please inform me prior to any treatment commencing.